What kind of sock are you?
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What kind of sock are you?

Are you a quirky sock or a drab trouser sock? Are you the kind of sock that makes people's legs look like a barber pole? Find out!

1. Do you see life as being stress-free, having quite a few problems, or are you a problem fixer?
2. Does your humor tend towards cheerfulness, sarcasm, dark humor, slapstick, or does it seem to be nonexistent?
3. Do you exercise often (3 or more times per week)?
4. Do you prefer to be outside (with or without friends), at home, out with friends, at work, or by yourself?
5. In general terms, do you prefer classical, country, or rock music?
6. During personal time, would you prefer to listen to music, watch television, or read?
7. Which Holiday do you enjoy the most out of: New Year, Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas?