What kind of sock are you?

Are you a quirky sock or a drab trouser sock? Are you the kind of sock that makes people's legs look like a barber pole? Find out!

1 Do you see life as being stress-free, having quite a few problems, or are you a problem fixer?
2 Does your humor tend towards cheerfulness, sarcasm, dark humor, slapstick, or does it seem to be nonexistent?
3 Do you exercise often (3 or more times per week)?
4 Do you prefer to be outside (with or without friends), at home, out with friends, at work, or by yourself?
5 In general terms, do you prefer classical, country, or rock music?
6 During personal time, would you prefer to listen to music, watch television, or read?
7 Which Holiday do you enjoy the most out of: New Year, Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas?