Batman:Animated Series Quiz

How well do you know BTAS? Find out.

1 What is the 1st episode? (made, not aired.)
2 What is Clayface's real name in this show?
3 Which villain does NOT appear in "The Trial"?
4 Who does NOT appear in BTAS?(carefull, tricky one.)
5 Who created Harley Quinn? She was created for this show.
6 Adam West did the voice of this character in 1 episode.
7 Who killed Dick Grayson(Robin)'s parents, in the show?
8 Which episode won an Emmy?
9 Which other DC character appeared in the show?
10 What is the name of "The Ninja"?
11 How many total episodes are there?
12 In which episode does Batman face an invisible man?(1 of my favorites.)
13 From what years did BTAS air?