Your level of intelligence Usa style
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Your level of intelligence Usa style

To see your level of intelligence and how misleading they can be.

1. Which is the odd word out of this list 'house igloo bungalow office or hut
2. what shape is wrong out of this lot triangle rectangle circle square rhombus
3. did jack and jill fetch any water: when they were on the way down, before they went down,they didn't ,when they took a rest or just as they began.
4. what are these numbers 3,5,7,9 11 prime, just abunch of numbers, even, mulitples of 2, the beginning of an odd sequence
5. how are cats dogs and bears related: are they animals, are they friends, do they eat meat,are they mammals or just cute
6. which of these is not an famous composer, tazmo, nawger,pohcin,nevthoebe, luca
7. What is the capital of france: paris, madrid, london, tokyo of F