How well do you know Lil Wayne's lyrics?

You think you know Weezy? We'll see..

1 Finish this rhyme: "Ok, I'm not a rookie I'm a pro; Methazine fiend..."
2 What song is this rhyme from: "I walked into the record store droolin' because it's like a supermarket to me..."
3 What song is this rhyme from: "Weezy F Baby, the mother fuckin' Carter, bitches on my stick but my name ain't Harry Potter..."
4 Finish this Rhyme: "I'm on my grind, fuck bitches. Money on my mind..."
5 What song is this rhyme from: "I ain't lyin' she the hottest bitch heater, but I'm a fuckin' freeze her, ya, I'm a fuckin' leave her. Ya, I'm a fuckin' eagle, flyer and deeper. Smoke like a cahiba, your hoe give me cerebral."
6 Fill in the blank: "Stop with your excuses, hip-hop I am ________ .Beat you like producers, eat you like produce. Man I fuck your girl till that pussy got no juice. Now she can't produce. So you wont be needing that baby. Cuz all you really need is Weezy F Baby."
7 Finish this rhyme: "Hollygrove hardshow, hardtime giver. I'm a shark in the water, you're just Long John Silver..."