Are you good looking? (guys)

I have made a quiz called "How pretty are you? (girls)" so I decided I would make a quiz similar to that one, exept this one is for boys! Remember this is just a quiz for fun, I wrote some harsh things in some of the desriptions that tell you how good looking you are, but I am not trying to hurt anyones feelings. Please don't take them real serious because like I said it's just a quiz for fun and does not mean anything. Also the outcomes are based on guesses so they're not real. I hope you enjoy!

1 What is your favorite color?
2 What is your eye color? (Contacts includeed if you wear them.)
3 What is your hair color?
4 How old are you?
5 How many children do you have?
6 What is your personality?
7 How many pets do you have?
8 What is your favorite animal?
9 What your favorite junk food?
10 Where would you take your girlfriend for a date? (If you can afford it.)