Are You A Good Person
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Are You A Good Person

Take this quiz to find out if your a good person or just a little devil

1. You come home to find your Girlfriend crying, you ask whats wrong and she replies she has cheated on you. What do you do?
2. You go into a shop and see someone stealing what do you do?
3. Your best friend is kidnapped....You
4. You find a wallet on a seat in the park... You
5. A man walks up to your sister and holds a gun to her head demanding money.. You
6. You see an old lady slip of and break her arm. What do you do?
7. You walk past a Deaf person collecting charity and he ask's you for some change. You
8. Your Driving along and a fire truck is behind you whit its sirens on. You
9. A homless person ask for some bus money
10. You go to a mates house, his sister ask you to do up her dress. You reply
11. Your girlfriend ask's Do i Look fat In these jeans? You say
12. When Micheal Jackson Died Did you