Live A Day And Be Graded!! >D
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Live A Day And Be Graded!! >D

Have you ever had a bad day? Or a really good day that you just wanted to rave about? Live out a day, with the random events made by an insane person, and be graded... Mwhahaha!

1. You wake up. You yawn, and fall out of bed. How do you react?
2. You're mom calls for you upstairs. 'Get UP here and eat!' What do you yell back?
3. On the bus to school, you sit in the back, and listen to your iPod (or Zune or MP3, wutev u own) and you realize you forgot your science homework that's worth 100 points in the grade book. What do you do?!
4. You go to your locker, and there is a paper taped to it. Actually... there are papers taped to everybody's. What's on them?
5. In Math class, this really cute senior grins at you. What... DO... you... do??
6. Oh no!!! Science! You still don't have your homework! QUICK! What do you do in the hallway?
7. You're in science class, and the teacher collects yourhomework. She looks at you weird, and you squirm. She starts teaching.-
8. End of school... fun... What are you planning??
9. How would you grade your day?...