Which Horde race are you?

Find out which Horde race you are from the World of Warcraft.

1 Whilst riding down the road on a bike, you find yourself being chased by a vicous looking dog that escaped from its leash. What do you do?
2 Which weapon would you rather wield in combat?
3 Which of these traits is the most important to you?
4 You are walking along, minding your own business, when someone pushes you into a wall and demands you give them your money. What do you do?
5 Your good friend comes to visit you one day. You get talking and he reveals he was beaten up by a person he recognises just hours before. What do you say to him?
6 Where is the best place to hit an enemy?
7 Someone calls you something very offensive as you walk by to make his friends laugh; how do you react?
8 You are playing a game of cards and find you are losing; a lot of money is resting on the game, what do you do?