How bad do you behave in school?
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How bad do you behave in school?

Check how bad you behave on school in this exciting quiz. Do you behave extremnley good? Check it out here!

1. Have you ever respond to one of your teachers in a rude way?
2. Do you make hard jokes on people at school?
3. When you are at the principal's office do you act in a nice way or a rude way?
4. If they were 10 rules on your classroom how many would you broke on a day?
5. How long are the bad words that you respond to your taecher?
6. How many homeworks you didn't return in all the school year?
7. How many times have you made fun of other people at school?
8. How many warnings have you got at school?
9. Do you think school is necessary in life?
10. What behavior do you think it,s yours.