Are You Standing In The Shadow?
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Are You Standing In The Shadow?

You feel like you someone/friends are ignoring you but at the same time you don't. Take this quiz and find out if you're standing in the shadow.

1. Click! The yearbook photographer has just taken a snapshot of you and your pals hanging around outside the school. Where can you be found in the photo?
2. It's time for club sign-ups! Which activity are you most likely to join?
3. It's Saturday night! All your homework's done, and you're ready for a totally fun night. What's your plan of action?
4. Woohoo! It's the school Winter Festival Party. Where can you be found?
5. You've got a new science teacher who is trying hard to learn all the kid's names. How's she doing with yours?
6. It's time for the school's talent show. Everyone knows you're going to sign-up to be...
7. What is your sign?
8. Looking in your past yearbooks, what's the most common phrase?
9. How would you describe your style?
10. Most people think you are the...