Are you an Ocarina of Time fan?

This quiz is for those that think they know everything about the Ledgend of Zelda and the Ocarina of Time.

1 What is the TRUE name of the main character (the one you play as)
2 What is the name of the first boss you defeat?
3 What is the name of the owl
4 Who is Sheik?
5 What hint does the deku scrub give about how to defeat his brothers?
6 What's in the grotto in Kakariko Village?
7 What happens when you hit a chicken?
8 What race is Link?
9 Who is Link's enemy
10 Who is Navi?
11 Which hand does Link hold his sword with?
12 Which part of the triforce glows on Link's hand?
13 Who are the three goddesses that created Hyrule?
14 How much are silver rupies worth?
15 What color(s) are/is Link's tunic(s)
16 What is the Prelude of Light?
17 Last one: Link uses all except the...