How well do you know cricket?
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How well do you know cricket?

a quiz covering the basics of cricket.

1. What's the name of the position where you stand behind the wickets?
2. How many players are there in a normal top-level cricket team?
3. Who has scored the most runs in ODI's?
4. Lasith Malinga bowls figures of 1-56 from 10 overs in an ODI, these are _______figures?
5. Who is the best international cricket team based on Test figures?
6. Are the United Arab Emirates Full, Associate or Affliate members of the ICC?
7. If I hit a no-ball along the ground and it hit the boundary rope how many runs would i get?
8. What way can you NOT get out in Test cricket?
9. Extra for Experts: Who scored 8 runs for Australia in the 2007 World cup final?
10. Which statement is true about cricket?