Jess DeRosier's music quiz

see how much you know about music and the random pointless things i know about....don't expect rap or correct spelling

1 the band guns n roses broke up and the lead guitarist helped form what band?
2 what is marilyn manson's real name?
3 according to everyone and myself what was metallica's worst album?
4 which song is not sung by korn?
5 who is the lead guitarist for AC/DC?
6 how did curt cobain die?
7 how did the lead singer of AC/DC die.....bon scott not brian johnson.
8 the lead singer to what band doesn't party because it hurts the quality of his voice
9 who sings the song, smells like teen spirit?
10 who sings pretty fly for a white guy?
11 let the bodys hit the......
12 where was marilyn manson born?