How EVIL are you?

For all those people who spend too much time reading 'real crime' books. Take REB's 'Serial Killer' Quiz.

1 Who is the 'Night Stalker'
2 In which year was Jack the Ripper active?
3 Where does Ivan Milat currently live
4 In what year did Ted Bundy claim his last victim
5 How did English murderer Graham Young kill his victims?
6 How was John Gacy executed
7 Who is the odd one out
8 Which killer is NOT a serial killer
9 In which city was Jeff Dahmer active
10 Who is the odd one out
11 Who was Rose West's husband?
12 Which French Doctor killed for profit during WWII
13 Who was Leonard Lake's accomplice?
14 Who are the Hillside Stranglers?
15 Who was the Yorkshire Ripper?
16 Serial Killer Andrei Chikatilo is from which country?
17 What was David Berkowitz' nickname?
18 What was hitman Richard Kuklinski's nickname?
19 Where was HH Holmes' 'murder castle'?
20 Which serial killer was portrayed in the movie 'Monster'?