How sexually educated are you!?

This will be the real authentic test to see whether you just know how to spell S-E-X or know how to drive a woman crazy enough to faint! Do you think clitoris is just a teeny weenie or do you know all the locations of erogenous zones! And what is your risk to aquire STDs like AIDS! Or how likely are you to have an unwanted baby or abortion!

1 what is the most effective contraceptive?
2 what is the best period to have sex in a MC (pleasurewise) (28 days cycle)
3 what is the riskiest method of HIV Transmission (Among these)?
4 what's the most sensitive, pleasurable erotic part of human body (among these)
5 which is the most pleasurable sexual activity for woman (among these) (Polls)
6 Handcuffs are most usually used in which of the following sexual categories?
7 Which kind of orgasm lasts longest (Amongst these)
8 What causes squirting in ladies
9 what is the average size of erected penis (In India)
10 What is an aphrodisiac