How well do you know me g? :)

THEEEEEEE maria quiz :D hahah (i finally made one of these :D)

1 What's my real/full name? ;) [im talking about birth certificate stats]
2 Where and when was I born :)
3 What's my absoloute FAVOURITE tv show :)
4 Who is my BEST BEST BEST FRIEND ever?
5 Do i currently have a job? if so, where?
6 Who's my favourite teacher?
7 What sort of music do i listen to?
8 Which of these do I like to do most on my spare time....
9 Which word best describes me...
10 I grew up watching which childish TV show?
11 How many brothers/sisters do i have? :)
12 There's one thing that I wear everywhere, everyday, always will... what is it that I am talking about? :)
13 What brand/type are my glasses :D LMFAOO