Do u really know much about sports??

It is challenging and i hope u guys take the quiz and enjoy it^^

1 Basketball-on 26/1/2006, Los Angeles Lakers players, Kobe Bryant, scored the second highest score in a game in NBA history, that is 81 points. My question, who was the opponent during that time?
2 Tennis-Roger Federer, the World No.1 and greatest player in the history, has won the most Grand Slam title in the history. How many was it??
3 Field- Jamaica runner, Usian Bolt, the fastest man on earth, had broken the world records of running sports for many times. What are his new records??
4 Soccer-David Beckham, the world richest footballer,has joined how many clubs in his senior career? (including loan and sold)
5 Badminton-Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan, both are super players. How many times had they met in the finals?
6 Golf-When was the World No.1, Tiger Woods turned to be a professional golfer and how old was him at that time??
7 Swimming-"The Baltimore Bullet", Michael Phelps, American swimmer, had won the most gold medals in Olympic Games. How many were them?
8 Car Racing-Who was the world champion for the Formula One (F1) 2008 and which team was he in?