how well do u know shaun?

a quiz to see how well you know shaun

1 which of the following would shaun prefer to wear the most?
2 how old is shaun?
3 shaun has got a first degree blackbelt... in which martial arts?
4 which of the following would shaun NOT eat
5 which country would shaun like to visit one day?
6 how does shaun feel about julius malema?
7 how many tattoo's does shaun have?
8 if shaun could change his name which one of the following would he prefer?
9 on what day was shaun born? 29 june 1989
10 what colour do i usually wear?
11 in which year does shaun believe the world will be taken over by evil purple bunnies?
12 how many piercings do i have?
13 what piercing does shaun want to get next?