Simon Fearn's super quiz about Simon Fearn
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Simon Fearn's super quiz about Simon Fearn

Have you ever wondered how much you know about me? Of course you haven't, so here's your chance to find out with a few taxing questions about none other than me. Enjoy.

1. Lets start with an easy one. Hopefully you will know that at the moment I am 13, but what is the exact date of my birthday?
2. Here's a slightly harder one. Most of you will have seen my dashing performance as Prince Charming in the Second Form plays, but what colour were my tights?
3. Some of you will have seen me with my hair straightened in my ace Taransay album, but what was the exact date it was straightened?
4. It's time for the penultimate question, what country was my profile picture taken in?
5. Final question now, and only the people who know me really well will be able to answer this one. I'm a bit rubbish at sports, so on Sports Day I was recording the details for an event, but which one?