Test Your Knowledge of Sex!

How much do you know about everyone's favorite carnal sin?

1 The average depth (from opening to cervix) of a vagina is _____ inches when not aroused.
2 The G-Spot is located approximately ____________.
3 The average male penis is ___ inches.
4 (True or False) When a female ejaculates the fluid comes from the urethra.
5 One of the best positions to stimulate the G-Spot is ___________.
6 The two most sensitive parts of the male sex organ are ______ and ________.
7 Which one of the following is not a sexual position?
8 (True or False) When aroused the clitoris becomes elongated.
9 (True or False) Males have a G-Spot inside their anus?
10 The average female orgasm lasts ____ seconds.
11 Bonus Question: The average male orgasm produces atleast ___ ml of semen.