How well do you know Trailer Park Boys?

Quizzing you on the basics of TPB's

1 In the Show, in what provence do the Trailer Park Boy's live?
2 In every episode, Julian has a alcholic beverage, what is the drink?
3 One episode, Alex Lifeson or the band Rush, plays a role of himself, what is the hotel number where Ricky finds him?
4 In the Christmas special, what is Randy wearing when found by Barbra hooking for cheeseburgers?
5 In an early episode, Lucy tells us that Ricky may not be Trinity's biological father, who is suspected to be her real father?
6 What is the name of the trailer park where the boys live?
7 In the past, Jim Lahey was a police officer, who was his partner?
8 What is the name of the hamburger resturant Randy and Phil Collins create together?