How Easily Manipulated Are You?
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How Easily Manipulated Are You?

Do you trust everyone? Only people in your age group? Can you read facial expressions? Are you too trusting or not trusting enough?

1. Your best friend tells you he needs money for rent, but you know he has a drinking problem and never repays his debts. Do you give him money?
2. It is three o'clock in the morning and a stranger is knocking on your door. Do you answer the door?
3. A stranger walks up to you dowtown and tells you he has to cash a check. He is from out of province or state, has no bank account and wonders if you would let him deposit it in your bank account so he can withdraw money for food.
4. Your wife tells you she cannot stop abusing alcohol, but she is trying. Next week she is booking a vacation with her drinking buddy and you are not allowed to come along. Would you feel:
5. You know your sister-in-law is unstable and has a questionable past when it comes to money. She wants you to co-sign a loan.