What type of Hero are you?

So buddy what type of hero are you? Are you a mutant? an Alien? a chosen savior? A galactic Defender? A psychic? Ect? Test yourself using multiple choice to see just what kind of warrior of justice are You...

1 When Youre by yourself what are you thinking about?
2 The place you call home would most likely be is....
3 When the night is still and quite more than usual how do describe the feeling?
4 Choose a weapon, what do you choose.
5 When entering a realtionship with someone(romantic or otherwise.) What do hope for?
6 What kind of friends do you keep( if you have friends.)
7 You see a group of kids been attacked what do you do?
8 When all hope seems lost what do you do?
9 Why do you fight for?
10 When youre not saving the world or the Universe what would you prefer to do>
11 When you Die what would you prefer your tombstone to say?