What type of Hero are you?
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What type of Hero are you?

So buddy what type of hero are you? Are you a mutant? an Alien? a chosen savior? A galactic Defender? A psychic? Ect? Test yourself using multiple choice to see just what kind of warrior of justice are You...

1. When Youre by yourself what are you thinking about?
2. The place you call home would most likely be is....
3. When the night is still and quite more than usual how do describe the feeling?
4. Choose a weapon, what do you choose.
5. When entering a realtionship with someone(romantic or otherwise.) What do hope for?
6. What kind of friends do you keep( if you have friends.)
7. You see a group of kids been attacked what do you do?
8. When all hope seems lost what do you do?
9. Why do you fight for?
10. When youre not saving the world or the Universe what would you prefer to do>
11. When you Die what would you prefer your tombstone to say?