Will you survive a pigeonattack?

for a very long time , pigeons have been terrorising the most important citys in the world. we're pretty sure that one day , they're planning to rule the entire world . I mean they're already walking around like they own the place. tis quiz is made by the FBE federal bureau where elke works (thats me !!) it's supposed to pick out that one person , who is the chosen one the chosen one is a person with the power to stop those evil pooping machines so I suppose you'd take the test and see if you're the one !! I meen , look at them those schijheilige basterds !!

1 What is your best quality ?
2 What is your favorite colour
3 Why do you hate pigeons?
4 what is you favourite word ?
5 what is you favourite subject in school ? or what was your fav...