All About Breanne

Multiple choice about Breanne

1 What is Breanne's mom's name?
2 What is Breanne's mom's sisters name?
3 How many cats does Breanne have?
4 Who's Breanne's best friends?
5 When is Breanne's Birthday?
6 What sport does Breanne like the most to play in?
7 What year was Breanne born in?
8 What is Breanne's middle name
9 What is Breanne's favorite subject
10 What is Breanne's favorite color
11 Does Breanne have a cell phone? True or False ?
12 Does Breanne like Reading 180
13 Is Breanne's Aunt kathy her dads sister having a baby
14 Does Breanne have her ears periced True or False
15 Has Breanne had a boyfriend before
16 Does Breanne have any sibilings
17 Does Breanne like Heather Draper?
18 Does Breanne tell on people anymore
19 1-10 does breanne care for her family (10 the greatest)(1 the least)
20 Does breanne have dogs
21 Did breanne use to have dogs
22 Does breanne care for her friends?
23 how many dogs does breanne use to have