Are You a Real Gangster?

Pick wisely

1 If you were at a store and somone with a knife was trying rob the cashier, what would you do?
2 You hear that somone iin you neighborhood is selling drugs, you.....
3 Someone at school or anywhere is trying to pick a fight with you, he wants you to stand up and fight him. what next?
4 Are you in a gang?
5 Someone is pointing a gun at your head cause you are his enemy...
6 The cops break into your house... what would you do even tho you don't know why
7 Somone is spreading rumors about you, what do you do.
8 Your swiming in a local pool when ...... A GREAT WHITE SHARK APPROACHES YOU
9 why did you take this quiz?
10 Back to reality.... one of your family member has been murder.. what do you dooo
11 What kind of powers would you have.
12 If you be reborned into a new life, would you?
13 Will you be willingly to pull the trigger on somone who pissed you off in a way or so.
14 Last question... Are you a racist