How well do you know meh? :]
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How well do you know meh? :]

its about...cheeken jk :O just how well you know me .

1. how many pets have i had?
2. whats my favorite food?
3. whats my favorite ice cream flavor?
4. how many brothers/sisters do i have?
5. whats my favorite band?
6. what kind of movies do i like to watch?
7. whos my bestie? :]
8. hmmm wat things did i use to do/did
9. whos my potty mouth? :D
10. who do i belong to ?xP
11. what is my favorite kind of music?
12. what is my favorite color? :]
13. what is my favorite subject?
14. what is my favorite song?
15. which one do u tink i wud pick to describe myself? ;]
16. how well do you think you know me ? :]
17. how many friends do i have? :D
18. wat do i hate?
19. wat do i like?
20. last question.......if yu dont get this rite imma kill youuu !! what high skewl am i goin to in the future?