How well do you know Brian Terry?

See how well you know Brian Terry. If you don't get a 75% or above then you obviously don't know Brian.

1 Who is my favorite athlete?
2 What do I like doing the most?
3 What do I do the most?
4 When I have to die how would I want to go?
5 If I could do anything right now what would I do?
6 If I could go anywhere where would I go and with who?
7 If I could do something special for someone what would I do?
8 If I was gonna die tomorrow what is one thing I would want to do first?
9 What type of people do I dislike the most?
10 If I could have any animal as a pet what would it be?
11 What do I love the most?
12 What drives me insane the most?
13 What goes on in my head the most?
14 What do I think about the most?
15 If I could have one thing for Christmas what would it be?
16 What's most important to me?
17 What is my favorite show?
18 If I could be one thing what would it be?
19 If I could meet one person in recent history who would it be?
20 If I could live to see one thing what would it be?
21 What do I like seeing the most?
22 What's my favorite word?
23 What's my favorite quote?
24 What kind of movie do I like the best?
25 If I could be one person who would I be?