How smart are you?

The hardest quiz ever!!

1 What came first the chicken or the egg. Why?
2 Is a zebra black with white strips or vise-versa? Why
3 Did Ben Franklin invent electricity?
4 Pick a MLB team.
5 If Joe is 5 and older than Meg. And Sarah, 9 is older than Greg. And Greg is older than Joe. Who is the youngest?
6 You are the Bus driver. You leave the station with 3 adults on the bus. at the 1 stop 4 teens get on and one adult gets of. 2nd stop 12 people get on 6 people get off. 3rd stop a mom and a daugther get on. No one gets off. Who is the bus driver?
7 What didn't Edgar Allan Poe write out of the following?