How well do you know Lynda Lachowski?
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How well do you know Lynda Lachowski?

How well do you really know me????

1. How do you spell my MAIDEN name?
2. What is my middle name???
3. What is my current dog's name?
4. What is my husband's first name??
5. Does lynda like video games?
6. How many times did I move since high school?
7. What high school did I graduate from?
8. What major did I have in college?
9. What college did I go to after high school?
10. Am I crazy?
11. What's my parents first names?
12. How many siblings do I have?
13. My crazy mom wanted to name me...
14. Where is my family from?
15. What elementary school did I go to?
16. What do I do for living?