How do your choices compare to those of Yahweh?

On this quiz, you will be presented with choices on what course of action to take in a particular situation. You will be compared to Yahweh, the god of the Bible.

1 Your chosen people are in slavery. The king of the nation lording over your people refuses to set them free (you made him refuse - seriously). What do you do? (Exodus 12)
2 Some people neighboring yours worship another god. What do you do? Exodus 34:11-16
3 Your servant's sons offer you "strange incense." How do you react? (Leviticus 10)
4 You have a conversation with another servant on top of a mountain. There is a chance of people coming near the mountain and seeing you. What do you do?
5 You have commanded your people to offer you sacrifices daily, but some of them are handicapped. What to do? (Leviticus 21)
6 Some of your chosen people are offering you more "strange incense." What do you do? (Number 16)
7 The is born another generation of children among your chosen. They do not have strong faith in you. What to do? (Deuteronomy 32)