What Type of Biological Mutant Would You Become?

It seems proper that people will inevitably morph through some untold accident (i.e. toxic spill, gene degeneration, teleportation mishap) and will share characteristics with their environments, and will retain some of their personality (being symbolized with certain colors, creatures, or other things). This is merely a way to tell what would most likely occur in the worst and most obscure of cases...

1 What is Your Favourite Type of Mutation (of these)?
2 What Type of Accident Would You MOST Prefer?
3 What is the Meaning of Everything?
4 What is Your 'Soul' Composed of?
5 How Long do You Think You'll Live?
6 Where Does Your Sustenance Come From?
7 Do You Really Want to Get Hurt?
8 What is the Nature of the Universe?
9 Where Would I Find You RIGHT NOW?
10 What Apparent Frequency of the Visible Electro-Magnetic Radiation Do You Yearn Most to See?
11 Would You Like To See Me Cry?
12 Where Am I, The Quiz Maker, Located?
13 Are You The Ruler of the Universe?
14 Do You Really Want to Be Different?