Sydney Fc Chants

How much you know about the cove's chants

1 s y d n e y - i am sydney till i die with a nick nak paddywack give a dog a bone
2 ohh the rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum
3 we drink champagne we snort cocaine
4 drink camparis drive ferraris
5 sydney sydney sydney said i
6 take me to the harbour, way down by the sea
7 no one likes us no one likes us
8 we're off to see the sky blue sing sydney, sydney
9 we'll kick the ball we'll score a goal we'll win the league we'll f**k em all
10 who do we sing for
11 sash petrovski
12 we are top of the league said we are top of the league
13 come on you boys in blue
14 we love you sydney we do
15 cos we are the sydney and we are the best, we are the sydney so f**k all the rest
16 ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko
17 follow follow follow, there were thirty minutes to go, it was _________'s goal that sent us ouuta contraol and sent the _________'s outta the finals
18 where you go we always follow
19 dancing in the city for you all day long
20 magic people
21 sydney fc
22 there's only one _________, one _________, walkin' along, singin' a song, walkin' in a _______ wonderland