How well do u know 106 and park?
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How well do u know 106 and park?

if u love BET and 106 and park then this is the quiz for you!!

1. how old is terrence??? (no cheating)
2. what does terrence call him self on his 106 and park profile? (no cheating)
3. what time does 106 and park come on easteren time? (no cheating)
4. how old is 106 and park?
5. did you watch 106 and park today?
6. what does terrence and rocsi call their audience?? (no cheating)
7. how old is rocsi??? (no cheating)
8. what color is the 106 and park logo??? (no cheating I MEAN IT!!!)
9. is this quiz fun?? (be honest!!)