How Cruel Are You?
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How Cruel Are You?

Find out how cruel you really are in just a few questions!

1. You See A Dog Left On The Path, What Do You Do?
2. One Of Your Family Members Asks You To Mind Their Baby For Them.. It Won't Stop Crying. What do You Do?
3. Your Parents Are At Work Until Midnight, what do You Do While They're gone?
4. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Just Dumped You, You See A group Of People Walking On The Path...
5. Your Computer Is Playing Up And It Has Been Frozen For Hours, What Do You Do?
6. You Spent Ages And Ages Getting Ready For A Date, And he/She Just Cancelled On You...
7. You're In A CD/DVD Shop And Someone Gets The Cd/Dvd you Were going To Get, And It's The Last One, And You Wanted It SOOOOO Bad...