Who Are you at your High school.

At High School people are defined as many things, For sure you have been defined at sometime of your high school carear being something you are not. Well just to get that all strighten out lets take this and becone the next revolution of high school placement testing.....

1 What does your name begin with? But the letter that you beggin with try and fine the letter closses to the letter of your last name as well(example Jason Bartlet. His letter would be F midway between B-J)
2 Threw the times of the work and ply of you life frends and family decided of school work what have you mostly felt like in the past few weeks.
3 I care alot and the most I care about is__________
4 I have done alot in my few years of being a teen but if i had the chance i would redo____
5 Ok reaction test time- This is the part of the quiz you start to really think and begin to think hard. If somebody of the same or oppisit sex said " o baby you are smoking" but you do not know the person what do you do? I would not surely do anything besides_______ and then look away and laugh.
6 Ok on your hand- raise ur right hand, look at it from the point of view of a friend, if someone looked at your hand they would see that your deepest impression is turning tords the____
7 Ok in school you are involed in more then one thing right? I hope so, well if so you will have a good spot at this test. When you are at your sport or club you really are hungry and you are really wanting to do something fun what do you feal like doing at the momment. (Forgget at this point of gaining wait think its all zero cals.)