How well do you know me? :D

UHMM its about me? LOL

1 Whats my naamee?
2 Whats my fave color?
3 whats my fave thing to eat? :D
4 Whos the last person that ever hit me?
6 Who do I like? 8) COUGHCOUGH
7 Whats my favorite song? 8)
8 Whats my favorite anime? I bet no one will get this one riightt. :D
9 Which one of these do I like? (hint: there are more than two and less than four. LOOL.)
10 Whats my hair color? LOOL.
11 Whats my eye color? (Imrunningoutofquestions.lmfao.)
12 How tall am I?
13 When's my bday?
14 Whats my fave kind of movie?
15 My fave singer?
16 What are my nicknames? 8)
17 how many pets have i had? 8)