ArE yOu a tRuE BoSniAn:)
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ArE yOu a tRuE BoSniAn:)

EvER THouHt If YOU Are a trUe bOsNIaN? TaKe ThiS QuIzz aNd fINd OuTT:) 100% BoSniAn By Selma & Irma <3

1. Do you identify your true identity to people?
2. Do you like ChevapE! ? :P
3. Are you proud of being a Bosnian?? =]
4. Would you stand up for Bosna?
5. Do you think that Bosnians are good looking. =]
6. Do you speak Bosnian.
7. Do you think that Bosnian people are kind hearted,(irma&selma=awesome)