How Freaky Are You

This Quiz is basicly a test to see how freaky you are & if you manage to fail you will be titled as Perverted And Nasty LOL!!

1 If you didnt know your partner was sweaty And you decided to go low on them would you continue & go with the flow?
2 If you had sex with your partner & they became extremly musty would you tell them why you want to stop?
3 Would you use milk for fourplay and lick it off your partners butt?
4 If your partner is 10x bigger than you would you get on bottom?
5 Would you freak the ugliest person at a party in front of every body?
6 If your Partner had braces With big Pimples Would you kiss her in public?
7 If you were dared $100 to lick a butt dat has been fartin all day Would you?