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Trapped in the Drive-Thru by Wierd Al

You love going out with the people you love!! You don't mind going out to eat when reuniting with people you haven't seen in a while and who doesn't love food!!!!!!!! The only problem is that thats all you want to do on weekend nights... you love eating so much that when you and your friends have nothing to do thats the first thing you suggest. Not only are you a food addict you like to keep things cheap but its understandable seeing as how crazy the economy is. o0o0o0o and you love doing things as long as its convenient for you AND ONLY YOU. Not only do like going out in public with pj pants and SLIPPERS, you don't do things you don't feel comfortable in doing. you have no problem saying no to people and you tend to always have THINGS YOUR WAY!! (yes like the Bk Moto) IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THE VIDEO:

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