hAPPY SONG BY Liam Lynch... What song are you?
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hAPPY SONG BY Liam Lynch

"HAPPY GOOD, ANGER BAD" IS YOUR MOTO. you are a "happy go lucky" type of person who enjoys life as it comes and is always looking at the brighter side of things! Though you may have your bipolar moments where your as sad as the donkey from Weenie the Pooh Bear, you still motivate yourself to think optimitstically. It takes a very "special" person to do that and so consider your chipper attitude a blessing not DISORDER. So next time you find yourself laughing hysterically during a funeral..lol...remember you are a very special person so disregard the stares!! IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THE VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tHoK1CpCaI

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