YOU ARE STARSCREAM! ... Which Transformer failure are you?
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You are Starscream, a pathetic Decepticon failure. You try hard in most things you do, but generally fail as thats the way life goes... remember the good guys ALWAYS WIN. Your selfish and your lust for power will eventally get you killed at the hands of Galvatron. Your not only selfish... your a little cowardly worm as well. Okay you have a null ray and occasionally have proven your worth by coming up with some cunning plans and kicking some Autobot behind- not to mention you SINGLE HANDEDLY CREATED THE COMBATICONS! Haha you showed Megatron when Bruticus picked him up and made him squeal like a pig! Lets not forget also when you came back as a ghost and possessed someone and jumped Galvatron, damn that was badass, you even got brought back to life by Unicron. You have travelled through death and came back living which is something few have done. Your a classic character and well loved...but all your great achievements are overshadowed by the fact your a complete FAILURE!

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