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Your Soundwave a Decepticon with potential! You have it all; Ratbat, Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble and other Transformers can pop out of your chest at will and help you in combat as well as going on their own recon missions. Mainly Laserbeak eavesdrops on Autobots which often proves successful especially when coming up with new ways to destroy Optimus Prime and his band of merry machines. Unfortunatley for you Soundwave, popping Ravage and Laserbeak out becomes the only thing you do; and as the series goes by you become pretty much a background character. Its kind of sad because you were EVERYONES favourite at the start and could have been leader after Megatron passed. Your cheap bag of tricks gets boring really quick, as does your alternate form and your annoying synthesised voice. Who was it that said your an "uncharismatic bore"? Well they hit the nail right on the head. Your a fail and yes... Blaster is better than you are!

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