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You are the Insecticons! This group is made up of Bombshell, Kickback and Sharpnel! In many ways your the biggest failure of them all; you bear the Decepticon logo but care about nothing but your Insecticon brethren. Your greedy, even more so than Starscream, however you don' really have a lust for power... just for food and energon. You gorge yourself on anything... even if it is a protected rainforest or woodland. You are probably fat... no offense of course but in your lameness you eventually become great! Okay your a fail, and serve no real purpose in the show other than to annoy both Autobots and Decepticons... Optimus Prime must team up with Megatron to stop you from destroying planet Earth or something! That was a cool moment, but mainly for Prime, so no points for you. I said something about becoming great... well you end up being re-incarnated as Scourge and the Sweeps and one of you becomes Cyclonus, although it is unclear who is the 'real' Cyclonus. Your both a success and a failure, which makes you the strangest Transformer subject of all time... well done! YOUR A FANTASTIC FAILURE!

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