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Artistic Sav

You are very creative, and probably couldn't live without paper and pencils. And of course your special pens. =P You carry your pencil case around with you and tons of paper. You've been drawing, writing, and playing music, since you were in diapers. When you were little, youu'd draw on anything you could get your hands on, including fabric softeners, rolls of toilet paper, and your dad while hes sleeping. You probably spend 75% of your life, drawing, writing, and playing music. You like to draw pictures for your bestfriends and make comics, that only you and your friend will get. xD You get some of your ideas from your weird and cool dreams, and will one day probably be a famous artist, or writer. =) But you don't only just like writing, you also read a lot, and have a big book collection for your future library.

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