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Congratulations, You are the King of All Things Unimportant

Give yourself a pat on the back... You excel where others don't care to. You could probably whoop my ass at Trivial Pursuit: Who Gives a Shit edition. You know that J. Edgar Hoover would not let his driver make left turns, or that the most a single person could possibly win on a single day spent playing Jeopardy is $566,400. Well congratu-fuckin-lations. What you don't realize is that the awkward silence after your onslaught of useless information is spouted out at parties is not caused by your audience trying to grasp these amazing facts, it is caused by the shame that comes with being associated with you. Batman would rather blow Alfred while taking it from Superman than have to listen to you, dear King. And to that I'm sure you would tell us all "Did you know that Batman keeps a Kryptonite ring in a lead lined box on his utility belt, in case Superman goes rouge?" Good lord, you don't get it... Pat yourself on the back again, take a long look in the mirror, and marvel at your brilliant ignorance.

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