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You are the King of Silly Cute Shit

What the funky butt loving shit is wrong with you? You rule over the domain of kittens, and silly fucking rainbows with an iron fist. You used to have folders with Dolphins, and Killer Whales, dancing across a celestial seascape.... and somehow managed to still be cool. Yes you, oh King of Kings, you have to courage to put your testicles aside, probably in a rainbow colored velvet drawstring bag, and bring on the hetero-homo sexual funk. You like T-shirts with Wolves on them, and have said on more than one occasion that you would "have his babies." Oh yes, there is a weird group of ladies that think you are just the "tops." Its the rest of us that see through your tactics. You encroach on our decrees, and for this we know you will end up with a girl that is any but cute. Batman would save you though, and then proceed to make you his bitch, after all, everybody gets one. Cheers, heres to a life of getting the evil eye from real men, and jammed fingers from trying to catch a football.

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