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You Sir, are the real King of Kings

You probably have punched several people, and species in the face. You are a badass, and know it. You don't take shit from anybody, in fact you don't even take shits period. You gave Batman a hot Carl, and then took out credit cards in his name so that you could get a suite and have a three way with the Pink power ranger, the woman that played April in "the secret of the ooze," and Topanga from Boy meets World, or whatever the shit that bitch's name was. You piss excellence King, you are probably a little fat, but that does not matter any more. You are actually sub par at most everything you do, but yet somehow this goes unnoticed. Your biography contradicts itself. Jeremiah Johnson is your role model, and you accidentally voted republican once. Congratulations, you can know live your life knowing that being a level 50 is worth the sacrifice, and that we all used our backpacks to cover up un wanted boners at some point. This one is for you!

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