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You are a Unionist leader, Unionism is a new concept thought up by someone in Canada, it is a form of power where the people still maintain control in the country, the country is lead by a council of four, those four are elected by the people, and each member of the council holds 15% of the power so, together they hold 60%, the final 40% remains in the hands of the people, so in case of corruption, the people need only one member of the council on their side to hold a majority. In the case of all members of the council being corrupt, there is a fallback plan, the military is not controlled entirely by the government, the people maintain a 50% control over it, so in the event of a necessary coup-d'etat, the people will have the support of the military thus, re-establishing balance in the country. Also, this 50/50 balance in the military, means that the country cannot go to war without consent of the people.

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