Ken (Dawn of the Dead"... Wich zombie killing bad ass are you?
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Ken (Dawn of the Dead"

You don't speak a lot and when you do it likely is'nt very pleasent. That does not however take away from the fact you are a zombie killing bad ass. You are a large black man with a 12 guage and a chip on your shoulder. Any zombie unfortunate enough to try and take a bite of you ends up with a face full of shotgun slugs quicker then you can say Marcellus Wallace. You will become frineds with a gun dealer who will later become bitten and you will apologize right before you blow his head off with your 12 guage. Know one really knows what becomes of you but they do know the last bit of footage of you is you trying to make an escape while blasting zombies to pieces with your 12 guage. Dead or alive you are one bad motherfucker!

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